Saturday, July 3, 2010

We have moved our Blog

We have moved the Stonewick Fragrance Design blog to a new website.
Come and visit us there.

We have a lot of new post so come on by and catch up with what is new at Stonewick Fragrance Design.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So Easy Even A Caveman Can Do it!

The new stonewick Platinum wick is so easy to light that some people just can't figure it out. They just think it is like lighting the old stone wicks. They failed to read the instructions.

They tried lighting the top, they have tried using matches, they even have soaked the head. That is not it.

It is easy just heat the screen that surrounds the wick. Use a wind resistant lighter for a quicker light. It should only take a few seconds Just spin the lamp around so you can get an even heat around the screen. With a new wick it can take as little as 5 seconds to light.

If you have trouble lighting it still make sure the screen is not touching the top of the wick.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pet Odors Goodbye!

If you have a lot of dogs or cats in the house then a fragrance lamp with the new Platinum Wick is the best way to get rid of the odors. I have a dog and if I need to get rid of the odors I just burn the lamp for about an hour and it is gone.

What amazes me is that it seems to even get rid of the odor for several days.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fresh Water

The Stonewick diffuser is easy to use by just adding tap water. My tap water is hard water and has some mineral deposits the form on the Stone wicks. This does not happen when I use distilled water or water from my Brita filter.

Pure fragrance and fresh water what eco-friendly system.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The New Wick is Rocketing to the Next Generation

The new platinum wick is selling so fast we can not keep them in stock. They have been a big hit on several fragrance lamp websites and at the recent Dallas Market. If you have not gotten one yet we still a few left at

They are the biggest advancement in catalytic lamp wicks in over 100 years. Step out of the stone age and try one today.

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Glowing review by a recent customer.

"I thought you had outdone yourself when I purchased the 'slow-burn' wick, then, I saw and used your 'Platinum Wick™'. WOW! SENSATIONAL! EXCITING and IMPRESSIVE!
A sight to behold, which I would later find, was a true piece of functional artistic machinery. By my estimation your Platinum Wick™ has encapsulated functional design, modern technology, ease of use and accessibility. What more could I expect from a product? Nothing.
Aside from the fact that it resembles the interior of an automotive catalytic converter, it goes one step further and looks like something NASA might use as a component in their quest to discover new galaxies.

This makes one-piece single ‘stone’ wicks look like a prehistoric find indicative of archeological study.

In my opinion, this Platinum Wick™ is the Ferrari® or Patek Philippe® of the fragrance lamp industry. The finest wick my money can buy.
Having used Lampe Berger® Air Pur® System•3C wicks (as well as every other wick on the market) and run into the disappointments of wicks which were completely void of inflammability AND incapable of holding heat for any length of time and poor scent throw — it looks to me like you have finally brought to market a burner/wick assembly Maurice Berger would be proud to have his name on (this ‘Platinum Wick™ ’ and your ‘slow-burn’ wick are the only wicks I have ever used which NEVER give me a problem). This Platinum Wick™ is worthy of being called a catalytic burner and fragrance diffuser. It fits EVERY brand of fragrance lamp I own and performs miraculously.
Although your claims of your Platinum Wick™ are true, I’ve no doubt there will be many more accolades than I could ever think of, as a layman, being said of it in months (possibly years) to come. I know little of chemistry, less of physics and I am not a mechanical engineer (nor do I play one on television) but I know what I expect from a product and what products give me the results I need. Your Platinum Wick™ fits the bill. I am ordering three more.

I can’t wait for my storage box of Lampe Berger® (regular and AIR PUR®) wicks, Scentier® wicks, La Tee Da™ ELITE wicks, Redolere™ wicks ( I can indeed use the Platinum Wick™ in my Redolere™ Lamp) and NO-NAME wicks, on which I have wasted hard earned money, to become a memory.
I will save the aforementioned wicks for emergency gifting and traveling but have become dependent on the full advantages of the wicks has made available as replacement parts.
Your Platinum Wick™ and ‘Slow-Burn’ wick are the only wicks I am happy with. It has been frustrating for me over the last 23 years or so, to see a decline in wick quality with each ‘new’ wick formulation and design — UNTIL finding YOUR SITE! The discovery of your replacement wicks has made the use of my fragrance lamps a much more pleasant experience.

Any fragrance lamp gifting from me will include a note recommending the recipient use exclusively for supplies - things just get better and better."

That's all I can think of for now.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It is amazing what some people come up with to use our products.